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Art brings people together, and creativity opens hearts. Welcome to my website. Get an impression of my artwork and take it home with you.


Portrait of a Genius: Nikola Tesla, Acrylic (POP-OP), ©2022, (34" across diagonals)           $685.00

LOTUS TRANCE, Acrylic © 2022, 24"x18"                                                                  $850.00

Tiger Unraveled, Acrylic © 2022                                                                            Sold

            Outpost, Acrylic © 2022 , 20"x16"                                             $160.00

Imagining Flight, Acrylic, ©2021, 20"x16"                                                             $350.00

"Koyaanisqatsi" , Acrylic, ©2021, 18"x18"                                                                   $480.00

(Hopi - Life out of Balance)

Looking for Shamrocks, Acrylic, ©2021, 20"x16"                                        $160.00

The Love Ox, Acrylic, ©2021, 24"x18" (in celebration of the Chinese Year of the Ox)                                                                                                                     $650.00

Herd Immunity, Charcoal, ©2021 (In celebration of the Chinese Year of the Ox)                 $220.00

FOLLOW ME (Chinese Year of the Rat), 2019 Acrylic/Mixed Media, 30"x24"                     $1270.00

Joshua Tree Sunset, Acrylic © 2019, 16"x20"

                       Trump tower in the age of Cerberus, 2017, Woodcut

                                  Dogstar (Chinese Year of the Dog 2017) Woodcut

Woodcut 2017 Valentine's Day Card design LNG - Woodcut 2017 Valentine's Day Card design
Game Cock- Woodcut 2017 for the Chinese Year of the Rooster
Moon Dancers (MD3B) Homage to Matisse (for the Chinese Year of the Goat)
Dream Rider, Woodcut, 2013 In celebration of the Chinese "Year of the Horse" for 2014



 The City of Las Vegas

Office of Cultural Affairs




The First Solo Exhibition by Woodcut Block Print



Charleston Heights Art Center

800 S. Brush St.



Thurs, March 21 - Sun, May 5, 2013

Gallery Hours

Wednesday thru Friday, 12:30PM-9:00PM

Saturday 9:00AM-6:00PM

Closed Sunday thru Tuesday and holidays




Artist Statement


The art of the woodcut reflects a most violent medium which employs knives, chisels, hammers and gouges. It is a medium that seemingly had been lost with the Huns and Barbarians of the 15th and 16th centuries – my ancestors. The agitated movements and visual entanglements lacking in sensitivity of balance, and a willful disregard for stylistic properties governed the designs created by those warrior-artists. It is that Teutonic heritage then which I believe has led me to become a woodcut artist. The hard cut lines, at times splintered against the grain, provide eruptions of expression and a unique imagination which is fired from impassioned spirits within the carving block. The primitive impact and power generated by the cutting and gouging process now finds itself hurled into the 21st century where woodcut block prints are imbued with a fiery luminosity and richness of color achieved with technology, digitization and light. The images from these blocks, from the mystified wood of trees, from the grains and knots of ancestral passions, herewith have released elemental spirits into a new and distinctive vision.


Rainer (RB) Bertrams





Riders of the Apocalypse

(After Durer)

Riders of the Apocalypse, Ed. 1/8

Group Art Exhibition

City Lights Art Co-op

9th Juried Fine Arts Show - 2nd Place Award

Desecrated Angel, 2012, Woodcut, Ed. 1/10

Group Art Exhibit

Originally exhibited at the dA Gallery in Pomona, CA

Pomona is the Roman goddess of fruit trees, gardens, and orchards.


Pomona, Woodcut, 2012, Edition 4/10


City of Las Vegas Office of Cultural Affairs

Las Vegas Arts Commission

Winner 2nd Place Sculpture


Confessions of a Butterfly, A Woodcut Triptych Gilded Icon, 2012







A woodcut triptych gilded icon

Dimensions: 22" height x 12"

opens to 24" width

Shown at right in closed position

Helldorado Group Art Exhibition 2013

1st Place Award - Mixed Media

(Sold at Auction)

Flight of Steeds

Flight of Steeds, Woodcut,2010, Ed. 3/6






City Lights Art Gallery in Henderson, NV

Eighth Juried Fine Art Show - First Place Award

Originally exhibited in the HISTORIC 5TH STREET SCHOOL GALLERY in Las Vegas, NV.

For a KCLV Channel 2 review on this Exhibition click on the link below.

Birth of a Deity, Woodcut 36"x30", 2012, Edition 3/10


In celebration of the Chinese New Year, the year 2012 is designated as “The year of the Dragon”. Floating above a bed of lotus flowers a fierce dragon gives birth to a new deity. A Black Madonna emerges from the dragon’s egg surrounded by a myriad of saints. Doves and herons wheel into the clouds.

The Chinese character “Taito” has been broken up in the block. On the top and the bottom are three dragons (TAI) and in the middle are the three clouds (TO). TO means, the dragons are moving. The complete character is composed of 84 strokes, one of the most in Japan.